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Land Healing Work

The Wilmington Land Healing Project began in 2006 with members of Keepers of the Holly Chalice, a sister ASW coven. It was born as an effort to tap into and support energetically important locations around Wilmington, Delaware with healing energy.

Several years after the project’s inception, the healing wand passed to members of Grail of the Birch Moon. Embracing the effort, we journeyed to key locations, connected with the land, raised energy and shared it with the land to support health, positivity, and vibrance. With the aid of crystals, visualizations, and other tools, the work continues on a daily basis. We also journey as a group back to specific locations each year, to renew and recharge our connections.

Over time, we’ve seen construction, repairs, and positive changes in the areas of focus. As the land healing work continues, the land is revitalized, and the work transforms the land and the practitioners.

If you are interested in more information about these efforts, reach out to Grail at

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