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Open events will be posted as we work with our sister covens to bring opportunities to circle and meet into being. For the latest information about open rituals, classes, and events hosted by the Grail of the Birch Moon, visit our eventbrite or Facebook page!

Upcoming Events: 

2/23/24 Full Moon Healing

3/16/24 Prosperity Jar Workshop

4/13/24 The Wheel of the Year


Members of Grail of the Birch Moon run the Wilmington Pagan Meetup Group, which meets monthly. Visit our page at to RSVP to meetup events.  (Please note that if you respond to a meetup event for something on our eventbrite page, you must also respond via the eventbrite as well)

Event opportunities are also available through our larger tradition, the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. Visit them online at for information about upcoming open events and offerings throughout the year. 

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